Modern fashion is waste.

RAKSHAMASHA gives it purpose.

Marria Roslova

Marria Roslova is a fashion specialist with years of experience in Europe and Asia. 


Since graduating from London College of Fashion, Marria has founded RAKSHAMASHA in order to offer an alternative to the drastically out-dated common fashion business model via improving the supply system and producing locally, thus drastically reducing the carbon footprint and having full control over the product quality. We upcycle long lasting plastic rubbish often used for construction and decoration into avant garde fashion using specialist technologies. The latest pieces are equipped with NFC chips in collaboration with a Moscow start up called Verisium. The chips give the customer access to the history of the garment (all the way from plastic waste to an accessory) as well as the RAKSHAMASHA community with special offers and invitations to the brand's events. The brand is based in London and is expanding throughout Europe and Asia.


Sustainability has been Marria's mission for the past 7 years: she wrote a dissertation on sustainable strategies for the fashion industry and has been involved ever since. Marria spreads the mission via lectures, texts, activism, gives interviews and consults companies on the sustainable approach to business and lifestyle. Frequent TV and podcast guest Marria is a known speaker for sustainability and human rights in Russia. Marria also sings and writes music for her jazz-punk project Don't Mess With Marria.



Please contact sales@marriaroslova.com for educational and sustainable business development enquiries.