Pandemic Couture

The collection is heavily inspired by ancient Greek philosophy: the link between god and human. This global self-isolation has left us alone with our feelings and made us focus on our emotional health, reanalyse ourselves as vulnerable individuals stuck together in a hazardous anxious unity. Alone yet together we are inspired to hypothesise on the concepts of morale and spirituality. The collection consists of gowns and evening wear made of specialist medical materials used for masks and surgery gowns. Ancient Greek cuts and tempting transparency reference love, but medical materials and protective gear induce fear. This poetic look emphasises the human in us, enables our desire to look fabulous without having a reason to. All headpieces are functional personal protection devices made with a conceptual approach to the design of face mask, air filter and face shield. New styles of signature RAKSHAMASHA upcycled plastic wearable bags are included.

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